Motu picnic Snorkeling 

& Water Lunch Tour

Embark upon a magical adventure to discover Moorea's best attractions. After pick-up at your hotel, visit Cook's or Opunohu bay and their magnificient mountains. Cruise through Moorea's lagoon to go meet friendly stingrays and black-tip sharks in shallow water.

 Go snorkeling and admire amazing fish and coral reefs.

A delicious barbecue lunch is served on the motu (islet), with your feet in the water.

You will then be brought back to your hotel. 


  • Free pick-up from hotels & ferry (min 2 guests) - Please be ready 10 minutes before pick-up time

  • 12 guests max.

  • Duration : 5 to 6 hours

  • Towels provided

  • Masks/snorkels, fins & water shoes recommended

  • Weather : tour operates rain or shine (unless unsafe) raincoat recommended 

Moorea Miti Tours gives you the opportunity today to discover with respect the marine fauna of Moorea’s lagoon and to evolve quietly in protected areas, not too deep or near a shore in company of graduated professionals.

Also available on board all the necessary equipment required

by the maritime affairs of French Polynesia.


Observation and approach techniques for marine animals that you can meet :


STING RAYS are flatfish, cousins of sharks. They have at the base of their tails one or more spines that they use as a defense if they feel threatened. Once in the water, do not make sudden movements that can scare the animal. Be careful not to step on them when placed on the sand. You can touch them on top in the presence of your guide. Be careful not to put your hands under the ray because they have a mouth and it can bite when looking for food. Watch out for the eyes on the top. Thank you also for paying attention to your watches or jewelry that can hurt the animal.


BLACK TIP SHARKS are small reef sharks very common in French Polynesia. They are not dangerous but still remain sharks in their natural environment. So do not feed them, keep your arms around your body if a shark approaches, do not chase them or try to touch them and do not make sudden movements to avoid frightening them. The best thing is to let them come to you by moving as little as possible.


FISH are everywhere in the lagoon. In protected areas, please do not fish or try to touch them. Some are equipped with barbs, poison and can bite (defense mecanism). Also be careful not to walk on the stone fish which as their name suggests are like a small rock and are very dangerous.


MORAY EELS are usually harmless unless they feel threatened. They live in hole’s reefs or under coral block. If you see an opening in a coral or rock, do not put your hands or feet on it. If you see a moray eel swimming around you, stay calm and stay away from it. Let her go and do not try to touch her.


CORAL REEFS- All "rocks" inside the lagoon are coral, whatever their colors or shapes. It can be very sharp or irritating. Coral is a living animal, extremely fragile and have a microcosm often invisible to the naked eye. Please do not walk on it (even with water shoes) and pay attention to the flippers. You can, however, put your feet on the sand without problems.


There is sometimes a bit of current in the lagoon depending on the weather conditions,
Please do not go too far from the boat once in the water and report to your guide if you can not swim or if you have health problems that require special attention.
Please also watch your children on the boat or in the water.
Noodles are at your disposal under the boat seats if needed to help you float.
Have a very awesome day!

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